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Joint Venture

Joint Venture

Ailana’s Local Blending Plants – A Prosperous Future for the Investors

Ailana only supplies ultra-concentrated enzymes, which require local blending. In turn, it presents a great opportunity for a local investor to create value in the baking enzyme product chain.

Start with Ease & Peace! Ho Heavy Investment Needed to Begin!

The starting equipment might be limited to a simple powder blending system, manually operated. As the local company grows, the plant can be increased both in size and complexity. As a starting point, the local investor should consider a need of 100 square meters of clean production area and 100-150 square meters of storage space. A test bakery is an interesting option that should always be considered as a valuable addition to the plant.
The minimum set-up cost would be in the area of 60.000 USD, excluding the land & building. This investment would normally generate a yearly turnover of 2 million USD. Investment can be scaled-up as soon as a larger production is needed. A test bakery would add between 5 and 15.000 USD to the project cost but would be beneficial to improve product application to local taste and needs and company status and innovation.

Together with Ailana – Towards Profitable Future with Positive Eco-Footprints!

Ailana will provide all the know-how needed to transform its concentrated enzyme into market-ready products. Ailana is also able, together with the local investor, to analyze the local market structure and define the strategic advantages of local blending operations/a local blending operation. Ailana would also provide technical information on plant set-up, commissioning, and all the relevant quality control procedures. In specific cases, Ailana might consider the possibility to invest in local blending operations, together with the chosen partner as a minority shareholder. Ailana operates, together with local partners, various local blending operations, and a visit might be organized if needed.

Join hands with us and be ready to explore the exciting opportunities in the food-grade enzyme production industry worldwide!