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About Us


Ailana is a Lithuanian private company, with headquarter and production site in Vilnius and operations in various countries. Sales and marketing are organized locally and supervised by area managers.


Ailana logo means movement, progress, and change in the Food industry. These values represent the focus of our capabilities in the design, development, and production of enzymes and other biological products in this industry. The efforts of Ailana knowledge-based company persist to reach the goals such as seek out new solutions, fulfill customer needs, and change the demands. We believe that the industrialization of science and using modern technologies will increase the value of our clients and help conserve resources and energy for the next generations. We will do our best to use technology for improving the traditional production processes and enhancing the quality of the final products which are produced by our clients.



We use high tech methods to produce, standardize, stabilize, and provide new enzymes for the Food industry. Our main objective is developing classic enzymes production and offering non-GMO products to our valuable customers forever who is served by billions of people all over the world.

Ailana services you can always turn to:

We are interested in helping you build and grow a successful business. Even with production difficulties, the Ailana team is willing to invest the time, and tools to solve your problems.

Clean Label Solutions

Shelf Life Extenders

Ultra-Concentrated Enzymes

Frozen Products

Free Samples

Analysis and Comparison with Local Market Structure

Involvement in Plant Set-up

Know how

Ailana spirit


Create life-changing experience with top products and solutions.


To become a trusted and reliable supplier and colleague of premium products and solutions, and spread our innovations worldwide.

Management philosophy

To become a trusted and reliable supplier and colleague of premium products and solutions, and spread our innovations worldwide.

Core values
  • Responsible and collaborative work
  • Deepening into customer needs
  • Transparency
  •  Eco-friendly practice

The atmosphere and spirit prevailing in Ailana reflect into our work and customer service. We believe in improvement and mutual support. Ailana knows what the customer wants and how to provide services so that we can move products for better.

Our certificates:


For the second year in a row, Creditinfo has honored us with the "Strongest in Lithuania 2023" title, which is a testament to our company's stellar credit standing and positive impact on the Lithuanian economy. We pride ourselves on being transparent and responsible.