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Bakery and Milling


Bakery and Milling

As a result of our R&D over the past few years, today Ailana has a versatile product range of enzymes for the baking industry. Our enzymes like amylase, xylanase, protease, cellulase solve problems in certain baking applications. Our customers for our baking enzymes are the baking improver industry and the milling industry.

We are here to help and develop your business. The confidentiality of each client is cherished and kept as the biggest benefit and we believe it provides added value to our company.

proud to be able to provide confidential access to each of our clients individually to:

  • Recipes, formulas of flour, bakery improvers
  • Recipes, formulas of bread premixes
  • Recipes, formulas of confectionery premixes
  • Application of food enzymes
  • Analysis and interpretation of the results on competitors’ samples
  • Processing guidelines in enzyme blending and dilution
  • Help in solving your customers’ processing needs
  • Extension of your range into other food applications, with potential market increase
  • Access to an Innovation Hub linked with major European Universities
  • Development of new bakery products like sourdough, flavors, malts, nutritional ingredients
  • The access is restricted to guarantee quick answers

We are ready to do and sign up for:

Development of unique enzymes for the food market

Support of the partner companies in establishing their local market presence

Analytical services and support in setting up local laboratories

Development of new technologies in the bakery-food area

Ailana’s support and technical teams have strong years of experience in the industry. You can rest assured that your products are in safe hands.

Ailana offers a complete range of fermentation maintenance services to all kinds of agri-food businesses across the region.

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