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Address your wine process optimization needs with Ailana’s product range consisting of wine brewing enzymes. Our exclusively developed portfolio of enzyme products lets you choose between different kinds of xylanases, beta-glucanases, celluloses, etc. Our non-MGO derived enzymes are recognized for high-quality winemaking processes – from fermenting grape sugar into alcohol to improving the overall process and making it more cost-effective.

The highest pinches you can reach with Ailana winemaking enzymes are for:

  • Increasing the quality of the extracted juice and reducing fruit waste, enable clarification and filtration, improve color extraction
  • Viscosity reduction, filtration and yield improvement
  • Similar to pectinases different pH activity
  • Increase of concentration maximize the aromatic potential
  • Used in red grape maceration to extract the maximum skin cells content
  • Unique taste and flavor

Ailana can supply various enzymes according to your needs. We also have the ability to adapt and modify enzyme activity according to your production process. We can produce enzyme mixes/cocktails. If you have the opportunity to make enzyme mixes yourselves, we can pass on our knowledge and teach you how to make them.

For more information, please contact us and we will provide you with details.

Explore the Exclusive Product Range offered by Ailana, based on the extensive research and innovation, fulfilling the customer needs and changing demands.

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