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Starch from Grains


Starch from Grains

Ailana offers a range of amylases and glucoamylase for starch conversion depending on the desired end product. Our enzyme solutions are highly customizable. If you’re not able to find a product that fits your needs, just contact us and we’ll find it together.

By shortening the production process and reducing the costs for our customers in the alcohol, starch, and sugar industry, Ailana enzymatic solutions are contributed to creating more values from raw materials. Valuable experience in this field has enabled us to develop innovative enzymes for grain refineries and starch processing industries.

Ailana offers a range of liquefaction, scarification, and isomerization enzymes. By using our know-how in biotechnology, we made a deep connection with our customers to design new enzymes. We can create tailor-made products according to our customer’s process, raw materials, and production equipment.

Ailana offers a complete range of fermentation maintenance services to all kinds of agri-food businesses across the region.

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