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Fruit and Vegetable Juice


Fruit and Vegetable Juice

Enzymes have always been used as the main ingredient in the production of fruit and vegetable juices. Our well-developed enzymes are used to break down cell walls and extract liquids and sugars. Sugars and wall components are among the key parts of the fruit, which unfortunately are not always fully exploited to their full potential. Ailana’s fruits & vegetable juices enzymes provide you with a complete set of solutions for enzyme applications in fruits and vegetables such as pomaces, berries, stone fruits, citrus fruits, tropical fruits, grapes, carrots, and any other. Our products are also successfully used cleaning ultrafiltration membranes. The result of the extraction process will be influenced in various ways.

Our technical team and applicable techniques will help you to select the best alternative from the vast range of Ailana products. The main applications we can provide are for:

  • Juice extraction improvement and fruit firming
  • Taste enhancement and color extranction
  • Increased yield
  • Depectinisation and protein haze reduction
  • UF flux rate improvement
  • Filter cleaning

The main provided products for Fruit and Vegetable Juice production

  • Ailazyme® MU: Strong mash pectinase, Juice extraction with press click for more
  • Ailazyme® DU: Pectinase, Fruit juice depectinisation click for more
  • Ailazyme® AGP-F: Glucoamylase, Starch hydrolysis click for more
  • Ailazyme® EX: Pectinases, Fruit extraction with a decanter
  • Ailazyme® ACP-L: Acid protease, Preventing protein haze in concentrate click for more
  • Ailazyme® BE: Pectinase, Berry juice extraction click for more
  • Ailazyme® PT : Mash enzyme used in the production of soft-structured, low-acidity apples, particularly pears click for more
  • Ailazyme® PME : Pectin Methylesterase, has been especially developed for fruit firming in fruit preparations which are used food processing and dairy products such as yoghurt click for more
  • Ailazyme® SF: Variety of enzymes combination, Juice extraction from stone fruits
  • Ailazyme® 1000 FF: Pectinases and cellulases, UF flux rate improvement click for more
  • Ailazyme® 1000 FC: Combination of enzymes, Filter cleaning

Ailana can supply various enzymes according to your needs. We also have the ability to adapt and modify enzyme activity according to your production process. We can produce enzyme mixes/cocktails. If you have the opportunity to make enzyme mixes yourselves, we can pass on our knowledge and teach you how to make them.

For more information, please contact us and we will provide you with details.

Explore the Exclusive Product Range offered by Ailana, based on the extensive research and innovation, fulfilling the customer needs and changing demands.

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