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Traditionally production of beer is by mixing crushed barley malt and hot water in a large vessel known as mash copper. This process is known as ‘mashing’. Apart from malt, other starch-based cereals such as maize (corn), sorghum, rice, and barley, or pure starch itself, are added to the mash. These are known as adjuncts. Ailana offers a range of amylases, glucoamylase, proteases for distilling depending on the processes and applications.

If you need to improve your brewing to reach high-quality beer and reduce your production cost the best solution is Ailana applications. With our enzymes, we can help you to produce beer. Ailana provides a range of enzymes for brewing which is used in the mashing process to increase yield, improve filtration in all steps, and make clear beer as well. By using various Ailazymes®, you can find the best solution of brewing offered by Ailana. Our orientation is to select correct additives, formulate the beer, and choose the type of process which is unique for each brewer.

In beer manufacture, barley grain is malted, (germinated under controlled conditions) and kilned. This malt is extracted to give wort. The wort is cooked and treated with hops, fermented with yeast, filtered, and stabilized.

The aim of the malting process is to achieve maximum enzyme formation (especially α-amylase and β-glucanase) and maximum depolymerization of starch and β-glucan, with minimal losses. The main activity of enzymes is to increase the yield of the product and minimize the costs of production.

The aim is to produce maximum quantities of fermentable sugars in a liquor which is easy to filter. The main uses of Ailana enzymes are liquefaction, viscosity reduction, filtration improvement, haze reduction.

The Ailana team is ready to help you choose the right product and give you the opportunity to have a unique product.

Ailana offers a complete range of fermentation maintenance services to all kinds of agri-food businesses across the region.

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