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The production of fermented alcoholic drinks has been practiced for a long time. Our enzymes help carry out this process in different stages like liquefaction and saccharification. Our liquefaction service results in energy savings and also capital savings since pressure vessels are not required.  For our Saccharification service, we use enzymes that achieve the complete degradation of the starch to fermentable sugars (glucose).

Ailana offers a range of amylases, glucoamylase, proteases for distilling depending on the processes and applications.

When grains are fermented, yeasts consume their natural sugars and convert them into alcohol. The level of ethanol produced depends on the range of fermentation of grains. The term grain alcohol is used to refer to any ethanol produced from grains.

Enzymes for alcohol speed up the fermentation process in grains and yield into higher production of ethanol. Enzymes for alcohol are used in the grain alcohol industry to hydrolyze large starch molecules into simple sugars. Generally, following two steps of liquefaction and saccharification accomplish this hydrolysis process — Ailazymes® for alcohol help to produce ethanol through the fermentation of grains cost-effectively, and with minimum efforts. Our products enhance the process of fermentation and give a better and non-contaminated yield of ethanol at a faster rate.

Ailana offers a complete range of fermentation maintenance services to all kinds of agri-food businesses across the region.

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