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Ailana’s brewing enzymes are very easy-to-use and can be added to your current production processes simply and quickly. The performance of our beer enzymes’ portfolio is supported by our extensive research. Our enzymes are processing aids that precisely deliver functional or process benefits including producing beer faster, simpler, and in a cost-effective, and more sustainable way. Through Ailana’s enzymes, you get better control over your brewing process regardless of what type of operation you run or which raw ingredients you use.

Only by using Ailana enzymes, you can improve your brewing industry with:

  • Viscosity reduction
  • Liquefaction
  • Haze reduction
  • Reaching a very high attenuation degree
  • Filtration improvement
  • Increase yield

Ailana offers a wide range of enzyme for beer production

  • α-Amylase range for liquefaction: Ailazyme® BAM, Ailazyme® BA, Ailazyme ® BA-Neo, Ailazyme® PL, Ailazyme® ALF
  • Amyloglucosidase range for reaching a very high attenuation degree.: Ailazyme® AGPP, Ailazyme® AG-PL
  • Protease range for immediate viscosity reduction, haze reduction: Ailazyme® NPL, Ailazyme® HAZ
  • Viscoreductase-range for filtration improvement: Ailazyme® XYEA, Ailazyme® HE-AL

Ailana can supply various enzymes according to your needs. We also have the ability to adapt and modify enzyme activity according to your production process. We can produce enzyme mixes/cocktails. If you have the opportunity to make enzyme mixes yourselves, we can pass on our knowledge and teach you how to make them.

For more information, please contact us and we will provide you with details.

Explore the Exclusive Product Range offered by Ailana, based on the extensive research and innovation, fulfilling the customer needs and changing demands.

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