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Dairy is one of the oldest food products in our life, which has been produced for thousands of years. In many years, we have used lots of enzymes in milk products such as cheese, yogurts, and other products without even knowing them.

From the 20th century, the production of dairy products has changed dramatically, so, today, dairy products are one of the essential parts of our cuisines. Thanks to biotechnology, which has brought us a full range of products to improve the quality, yield, flavor, taste, shelf life, and consistency in producing dairy products from farms to refrigerators. Ailana uses its technology to design particular enzyme products for yogurt, cheese, and other dairy products to improve better taste, aroma, and shelf life.

We offer enzymes for mild-tasting dairy. Our enzymes accelerate balanced flavor formation in a variety of different dairy product types especially cheese production. The results are faster ripening time and a smaller environmental footprint. Add our proven dairy enzymes for consistent end-product quality that consumers love. Our enzymes are used as coagulants to make cheese production possible.

Ailana offers a complete range of fermentation maintenance services to all kinds of agri-food businesses across the region.

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