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Ailana offers a complete range of fermentation maintenance services to all kinds of agri-food businesses across the region. With our expanded Microbiological Services, we are known to provide the industry’s most advanced food-grade non-GMO enzymes, their application, and evaluation services.  We adhere to the strictest scientific standards as prescribed by the European Union, assuring the purity and performance of every culture under our care. We offer the most advanced range of testing available in the brewing industry, with service maintenance packages that meet the needs of breweries of every size. We work with our clients to build effective and affordable tailored programs.



The production of fermented alcoholic drinks has been practiced for a long time…

Bakery and milling

As a result of our R&D over the past few years, today Ailana has a versatile product…


Ailana has developed a tailor-made line for wine production, which contains different types of selected yeasts and unique enzymes.


Dairy is one of the oldest food products in our life, which has been produced for thousands of years…

Fruits & Vegetable Juices

An important application field for enzymes in the beverage industry is the extraction…

Starch from grains

Ailana offers a range of amylases and glucoamylase for starch conversion depending on the desired end product.


Traditionally production of beer is by mixing crushed barley malt and hot water …


You need us to take action? At Ailana, we have several technical teams that enable us to move forward and help customers to execute their ideas in a proper way.

Contact us if you have an idea or you think you need help to turn your idea into a product, and Ailana will be at your disposal to add value to it.